Monday, December 24, 2012

Rita Ackert

Jodi Sugar

This is a framed photo of a pomegranate (rimon in Hebrew).  I took it during shmittah year.  That is the seventh year of the harvest cycle.
Since we in Israel do not harvest the land no one had picked this off the tree and it had pooped open by itself!

This photo is available matted and/or framed or on canvas.  Go to http;// 

Judy Paikin

Chaya Benbaruch


and when I need a break from my family I spend most of my time doing art using stained glass and fused glass.  I spent many years in Alaska before coming to Tzfat so light (or lack of it) is something I am sensitive about.  I love the way the light plays through a piece and how the light can change the look of something I have created.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Miriam's Well Gallery

Miriam's Well Art Gallery is located in Tzfat's Old City on Rehov Bar Yochai 4, between Kikar Maginim and Jerusalem Street.

It was the dreamchild of Judy Paikin, a ceramic artist and Chaya Ben Baruch, a stained glass artist.  Joining them are Jodi Sugar, a photographer and Rita Ackert, a jeweler. 

Our goal as a woman's cooperative is to create an atmosphere for women to express themselves, whether through art or music and give them a venue to sell.  We are constantly adding new things like aromatherapy by Chana Schoenberg of essences from the Bible, and Tziona a musician and singer par excellance.  We also represent authors, graphic designers and more.  Come visit for a Tzfat experience you will remember.